Shelf Accessories

Shelf Accessories

Boost your industrial storage capabilities with Megatek’s comprehensive range of heavy-duty wire shelves and racks, designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of specialised add-ons and accessories. Tailored for robust industrial applications, our customisable wire shelving solutions are enhanced by an array of shelving accessories, including rack dividers, rod guards, and side ledges, ensuring your items are securely stored. Elevate your setup with versatile post clamps, shelf connectors, levellers, and push handles, each crafted to increase the safety, stability, and functionality of your wire shelving, no matter the configuration. These adaptable enhancements are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of any storage environment, allowing you to create a wire rack system that perfectly aligns with your operational requirements, thereby optimising your organizational efficiency and transforming your space into a highly efficient, tailored storage solution.

Industrial Seating Components - Side ledge

Side Ledges

Safety barrier that prevents shelf objects from falling off during storage or transportation. Available in stainless steel or chrome-plated carbon steel.

Industrial Seating Components - Divider-resized

Centre Divider

Shelf partition for rack optimisation. Available in stainless steel or chrome-plated carbon steel.

Industrial Seating Components - Safe-push-handle-resized

Safe Push Handle

To enable pushing or pulling of wire shelving racks or carts. Height adjustable. Available in stainless steel or chrome-plated carbon steel.

Stainless Steel Leveller

Height adjustable footing made for levelling a stationary wire rack on uneven flooring. Constructed in premium stainless steel.

Industrial Seating Components - Post-Clamp-resized

Post Clamp

Safety clamp that locks racks securely together by clamping adjacent posts, thereby minimising shifting and prevents toppling.

Shelf Connector

S-Hook shelf connectors used to connect and extend adjacent shelves without installing additional posts.

Stainless Steel Rod Guard

Rod Guard

Flexible rod guards installed along the full height of wire shelving rack to prevent products from falling. Rod intervals customisable.

Industrial Seating Components - AI-shelve-clip-resized

Shelf Clip

Dual-latch clip used to ensure wire shelves and racks are securely fitted. Can also be used to discharge electrostatic build-up.

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