Industrial Seating Components

As an industrial seating specialist, Megatek designs and manufactures industrial seating components including gas lifts, footrings, chair bases, castors and glides. Our components are made of high quality materials to ensure durability and reliability, while meeting critical cleanroom or ESD environment standards. By employing a modular system, Megatek offers you the flexibility of customising seating solutions for your exact needs – whether it’s a corporate office, a compact laboratory, or a highly-sensitive controlled cleanroom environment. In addition, a modular system optimises your investment by reducing wastage and extending the life span of our industrial and cleanroom ESD chairs and stools.

Aluminium Base

Chair Base

An array of five-pronged, and polished trumpet chair bases for ultimate safety and stability. 


Chair Gas Lift

Chrome-plated outer column. Comes in three sizes to cater for various seat height requirements.

Industrial-Seating-Components Chair Footring

Chair Footring

Polished, die-cast Aluminium support frame with chrome-plated steel ring. Ergonomically-designed to assist users in mounting / dismounting. 

Standard Castor

Chair Castor

A selection of castor wheels and glides for standard and controlled environments like ESD protected zones and cleanrooms.

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