Active Vibration Isolator

seismion vibration isolator

What are active vibration isolators?

Seismion Active Vibration Isolation Systems - High performance vibration control and stabilisation

When working with vibration-sensitive equipment or objects, vibration isolators minimise or eliminate undesirable vibrations (generated by surrounding road traffic, underground trains, building construction, surrounding machinery, etc). These devices are particularly crucial in settings that demand high precision, such as engineering labs, biotechnology, and biomedical research facilities, where even the slightest vibration can skew results or damage delicate instruments like high-magnification microscopes and cameras.

Unlike traditional air spring vibration isolators (‘passive’ isolators) that employ springs and dampeners to reduce vibrations, active vibration isolation systems make use of integrated sensors and actuators to promptly counter and stabilitse its payload even at ultra low frequencies. They are distinguished by their rapid transient response times, and ensures quick settling of vibrations to maintain utmost precision and stability particularly at the critical frequency range.

Megatek, in partnership with Seismion, presents their full suite of cutting-edge active vibration isolation systems. From the compact Reactio platform range, to the modular and robust Atlas range that can hold up to one ton per unit. Depending on your workspace and application requirements, the Reactio Plus, Reactio Beam and Atlas Modular Active Vibration Isolation Systems can be used to meet diverse operational needs.

active vibration isolator
Vibration Isolator - Active Vibration Isolator - Seismion - Reactio Plus

Reactio Plus

Portable Active Vibration Isolator with rapid settling time. Low-weight and flat design allows for convenient placement. Easy to install and operate.

Reactio Beam

Seismion Reactio Beam is an active isolation system that consists of two beams. The versatile system allows both beams to be arranged at different distances, accommodating various set ups to isolate vibrations.


Seismion Atlas is a standalone, modular active isolation system that can be arranged in various settings for high loading equipment. The Seismion Atlas can be arranged in different configurations, depending on the weight and isolation requirements. A minumum of three units is required.

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