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9G Cleanroom ESD Chair - Armrest - Aluminium Base - Metal Castors - Black

9G Series Conductive Chair

The 9G series conductive industrial chair offers excellent ergonomics and comfort due to its well-designed, moulded seat and backrest contouring. The technical 9G series chairs can be made compatible with

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9P Cleanroom ESD Chair - Aluminium Base - Metal Castor - Blue

9P Series Cleanroom ESD Chair

The 9P series cleanroom ESD chair offers excellent ergonomics and comfort with its well-designed, moulded seat and back contour. Unlike traditional seating, the 9P industrial chair has a plywood-free construction,

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9S Series Cleanroom ESD Chair

The 9S series industrial chairs incorporate Megatek’s latest ergonomic designs with its moulded seat and contoured back rest. These cleanroom ESD chairs come with a weight responsive, synchronised seat and

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Industrial Dry Area Floor Mat - Anti-fatigue Foam Mat - Closeup

Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat

Made of soft foamed rubber compound to provide ultimate comfort and stress relief for long hours of standing. Suitable for work stations, counters, cashiers, etc.

The foam mat is fully moulded

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Industrial Transport Trolley and Mobile Cart - Anti-Vibration Trolley - Side View

Anti-Vibration Trolley

Vibration control is crucial for high tech production lines. During the transportation of sensitive products on a push trolley (like wafers or sensitive analysis equipment between workstations), undesirable vibrations caused

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Seismion Reactio Beam is an active isolation system that consists of two beams. The versatile system allows both beams to be arranged at different distances, accommodating various set ups to

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Industrial Seating Components - Divider-resized

Centre Divider

The centre divider is used as a partition for Megatek’s industrial wire shelving. It divides the racks into smaller divisions to segregate different products placed on the wire shelves and

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Trumpet Base

Chair Base

For ultimate support, stability and reliability, Megatek uses only 5-pronged chair bases. Evident in our Die-cast Aluminium Polished Chair Base, Reinforced Nylon Chair Base and 5-Prong, Tubular Welded Chair Base.


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Chair Castor

Megatek offers a series of reinforced, twin-wheel castors for smooth and quiet movement on hard flooring. Our Zinc Die-Cast Metal Castors are made of die-cast Zinc and are non-staining (as

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Industrial-Seating-Components Chair Footring

Chair Footring

The height-adjustable footring is an added attachment that is used to assist users in mounting and dismounting from high chairs. It also serves as a foot rest for user comfort

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