Shelf Add-ons

Shelf Add-ons

Elevate your storage efficiency with Megatek’s versatile industrial wire shelving solutions, designed to accommodate a range of specialised add-ons and accessories. Our wire racks, ideal for extensive industrial applications, are complemented by an array of enhancements that boost their stability, durability, and safety. Optimise your storage setup with our exclusive add-ons like electrostatic discharge (ESD) castor wheels for static-sensitive environments, advanced grounding device for superior safety and exceptional static control, pole guard systems for reinforced shelf stability and preventing falling objects, and the Stabi-Bar for improved rack steadiness. Tailor your wire shelf setup with our adaptable add-ons, ensuring your storage solution is perfectly aligned with the unique demands of your industrial workspace. Enhance your organisational efficiency with Megatek’s wire racks, the ultimate in customisable, heavy duty industrial storage solutions.

Industrial Wire Shelving Storage Rack - Add-ons -ESD Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Castor

ESD TPR Castor

Heavy duty, ESD thermo-plastic rubber (TPR) castor wheels that provide effective grounding to ESD flooring.

Industrial Wire Shelving Storage Rack - Add-ons - Pole Guard System

Pole Guard System

Versatile system which utilises clamps and chrome posts to create a three- or four-sided barrier guard for industrial wire racks.

Industrial Wire Shelving Storage Rack - Add-ons - Stabi-Bar - Close-up

Stabi Bar

Cleanroom-compatible and ESD safe system that uses customised clamps and posts to stabilise wire shelving racks placed far apart.

Rack Grounding-Shelf mount resized

Rack Grounding Device

Proprietary advanced rack grounding device designed for highly effective grounding in static-sensitive environments.

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