Wet Area

Wet Area Floor Mats

Optimise your commercial kitchen or industrial wet zones with Megatek’s Wet Area Floor Mats, specifically engineered for environments prone to spills. These mats are expertly designed with drainage holes and elevated studs to facilitate liquid flow, prevent accumulation, and ensure anti-slip safety. Crafted from robust Nitrile rubber, they are able to withstand harsh industrial oils and chemicals, offering durability and easy maintenance. A straightforward cleaning regime using water-jet and detergent keeps them in prime condition. For expansive or irregularly shaped spaces, our mats feature a modular design, allowing for flexible coverage and tailored fit, ensuring comprehensive floor protection in any wet industrial or commercial setting.

Industrial Wet Area Floor Mat - Heavy Duty Anti-fatigue Anti-slip Mat - Closeup

Industrial Wet Area Mat

Heavy duty, anti-fatigue floor mat designed for industrial wet areas. Chemical resistant and anti-slip.

Industrial Wet Area Floor Mat - Non-slip Food Processing Mat - Closeup

Wet Area Food Processing Mat

Designed for commercial kitchens and food processing. Heavy-weighted to prevent mat shifting.

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