Industrial seating and workspace solutions that are built for purpose, built for comfort and built to last

Transforming industrial and technical workspaces with specialised industrial seating solutions, supported by a suite of durable storage solutions, cleanroom supplies and ESD products

Our Products

Industrial Seating

Explore our range of industrial cleanroom ESD chairs and stools, designed for workplace safety and worker productivity.

industrial chair

Industrial Wire Shelving

Modular, heavy-duty industrial racking solutions. Select from stainless steel or chrome, set your shelf heights, rack sizes and accessories.

Transport Trolleys
and Carts

Explore Megatek’s extensive selection of industrial carts and transport trolleys, engineered to support a myriad of applications.

MegaVac™ Vacuum Sealing Machine

Industrial-Grade chamber and nozzle vacuum sealing machines with dependable in-house support capabilities. Commonly used in commercial and food packaging.

MegaVac Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machine - MVS 300C - MVS 400C

Active Vibration Isolator

Megatek is an authorised distributor of Seismion Vibration Isolators, which are commonly used for highly-precise, highly sensitive, industrial applications.

Precision Tweezers

From Megatek’s proprietary MEST Tweezer to a suite of ESD-safe tweezers (replaceable tips, full stainless steel construction, etc) for precise work.

Cleanroom Products

Cleanroom polyester wipes and cleanroom supplies like sticky mats, apparel and protection equipment. Available for Class 10, Class 100 and above cleanrooms.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

ESD-safe, anti-static mats for wet and dry areas. Modular, interlocking mechanism makes it easy to assemble, in any space.

Material Storage

Industrial ESD dry cabinets that provide fast and precise dehumidification. Comes in 7 sizes, allowing installation in even compact spaces.

and Workbench

Megatek’s heavy-duty, modular ESD-safe workstations suitable for production line set ups where workers are handling ESD sensitive products.

ESD Products

ESD materials, grounding cords, table mats and more. Made of static dissipative material that is safe for use in an ESD protected area.


Explore our comprehensive range of industrial seating and cleanroom solutions. Let Megatek transform your workspace, enhancing efficiency, safety, and comfort.

Our commitment to excellence makes us your ideal partner in developing high-performance work environments that meet the exacting demands of Singapore and the region’s growing industrial sectors.

Expertise in industrial seating solutions and cleanroom and electrostatic discharge (ESD) innovations.

Megatek has established itself as a leading industrial seating specialist, revolutionising seating solutions particularly in industrial, high-tech and controlled environments. With over three decades of experience, we excel in designing, fabricating, and customising ergonomic seating solutions that cater to the specific needs of cleanroom and ESD settings. Our cleanroom chairs and stools are engineered for workplace safety, comfort and productivity, and most importantly, reliability.

megatek expertise

We also gained in-depth understanding of the critical nature of cleanroom and ESD-controlled environments over the years. While our journey began with industrial chairs and stools, we have expanded our portfolio to include cutting-edge solutions for cleanrooms, high-tech laboratories, production floors, and areas requiring stringent ESD-control.

We offer an extensive selection of industrial and cleanroom ESD solutions, including essential cleanroom supplies (like cleanroom wipes, sticky mats, and protection equipment), precision tools (such as our proprietary MEST tweezers), storage solutions (like industrial shelving and racking solutions, ESD dry cabinets, mobile trolleys and industrial carts), vacuum packaging, and more. We also work in collaboration with a selection of carefully curated partners to provide total industrial and cleanroom ESD solutions.

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