Material Storage and Industrial Dry Cabinets

High-performance industrial dry cabinets for the ESD-safe workspace

Our industrial ESD dry cabinets are provide fast and precise dehumidification for moisture-sensitive components and devices. They are designed to meet the rigorous demands of industries such as electronics, semiconductor, aerospace, and biotechnology, where humidity control and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection are paramount.

Patented dehumidifying system

By employing a highly efficient desiccation core, our ESD dry cabinets are able to operate for long periods of time before regeneration. The digitally-controlled system facilitates high frequency access to the dry cabinet, without the need of an inert gas purging system. It enables ease of monitoring and adjustment, ensuring your storage environment is always optimised.

Tailored storage solutions, for every space

Our ESD dry cabinets come in a variety of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any space – from compact laboratories to vast manufacturing floors. This versatility makes it easy to integrate our storage solutions into your workspace.

Sturdy and ESD-safe construction

The dry cabinets are durable and made of a high-grade steel construction. They are ESD-safe, for placement in ESD Protected Areas (EPA) and cleanroom EPA environments.

Material Storage - ESD-safe Dry Cabinet - Double Door Dry Box - Stainless Steel Galvanised Steel - 97cm x 140cm x 50cm

ESD-Safe Dry Cabinet

Features a high-grade steel construction and patented dehumidification system. Available in variety of sizes, suitable for storage use in ESD Protected Areas.

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