Cleanroom ESD chair in a controlled environment

Cleanroom ESD Chairs (with backrest)

Megatek’s industrial cleanroom ESD chairs are designed for user comfort, productivity and safety. With our local design and production capabilities, we offer an array of customisation options – from adjustable armrest supports, down to the chair bases and a selection of castor wheels or glides. For controlled envionments, our range of cleanroom ESD chairs comply with global BIFMA and ESDA standards, and are approved for use in Class 10, Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanrooms. All in all, Megatek’s industrial and cleanroom ESD chairs are a versatile and reliable seating solution for your corporate office, laboratory, production floor or controlled cleanroom environment.

Megatek’s Industrial Seating products feature a carefully-designed back rest with firm and well-positioned lumbar support. Optional “waterfall” design seat pan can help reduce stress on the fore thigh and enhance blood circulation. All seat cushions are made of cold-molded PU foam, with a well-designed seat profile.

Ergonomic ESD chair for cleanroom applications
9S Cleanroom ESD Chair - Aluminium Base - Metal Castor - Black Vinyl

9S Series
Cleanroom ESD Chair

Megatek’s newest ergonomic chair with a moulded seat and contoured back rest. Designed with weight responsive, synchronised seat and back tilt mechanism

9G Cleanroom ESD Chair - Aluminium Base - Metal Glides - Black

9G Series
Conductive Chair

A comfortable chair designed with a secondary grounding path through our proprietary stainless steel G-STUD.

9P Cleanroom ESD Chair - Aluminium Base - ESD Castor - Blue Fabric.jpg

9P Series
Cleanroom ESD Chair

A comfortable chair with proprietary Megatek-designed moulded seat and back contour.

5P Cleanroom ESD Chair - Side View - Blue

5P Series
Cleanroom ESD Chair

A low-back, versatile seating with a smaller backrest. Ideal for tight work spaces.

7P Cleanroom ESD Chair - Aluminium Base - Metal Castor - Blue

7P Series
Cleanroom ESD Chair

A mid-back, versatile chair with an ergonomic seat and back tilt mechanism. Ideal for prolonged sitting.

P8 Cleanroom ESD Chair - Footring - Aluminium Base - Metal Glides

P8 Series
Cleanroom ESD PU Chair

ESD polyeurathane (PU) material with custom-designed seat and backrest contour. Ensures comfort and support for prolonged sitting.

PU Moulded Lab Chair - Aluminium Base

PU Moulded
Laboratory Chair

Ergonomically-designed with ‘waterfall’ seat and contoured backrest. Durable in harsh environments, against wear and solvents (grease, chemicals, etc)

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