Industrial Wire Shelving

Heavy duty wire rack systems - Versatile and durable storage solutions

Wire shelving racks are widely used and accepted as the most convenient and flexible form of product storage. As a modular system, Megatek’s industrial wire shelves and racks come in many sizes, with a variety of add-ons and accessories available, so as to meet your unique space and environment requirements.

Build your ideal shelving configuration

Select from a range of sizes and materials, including high quality stainless steel and chrome-plated finishes, to create your perfect storage setup. Customise shelf heights and configurations to optimise your space, whether for light storage or heavy-duty equipment. Megatek’s wire shelving stands out for its durability, enhanced by features like 5-inch heavy-loading castor wheels and additional reinforcement ribs, ensuring mobility and stability in any dynamic industrial settings.

Our industrial storage solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into any space, from expansive warehouses to even domestic storerooms. To further improve functionality and safety, we offer add-ons like our innovative pole guard system, Stabi-Bar rack supports, ESD rack grounding systems. Accessories like rack dividers, stainless steel levellers and ledges can also be added on to optimise space utilisation, improve inventory visibility and enhance load-bearing capacity.

Build your industrial wire shelf on the Megatek Shelf Configurator and receive a personalised quote today!

Industrial Wire Shelving

High performance, heavy duty industrial wire shelving rack that comes in premium stainless steel or chrome. Available in multiple sizes and tiers, so you can build your ideal shelving configuration to fit any space. This modular storage solution can be used in compact controlled environments, expansive production and workshop floors or even, at home.

Shelf Accessories

Elevate your Megatek wire shelving with custom accessories designed for enhanced stability and safety. Our range includes rack dividers, rod guards, and side ledges to secure your items, plus versatile post clamps, shelf connectors, levellers, and push handles for tailored configurations. Designed for unique storage setups, these additions ensure your wire rack system is perfectly suited to your storage needs.

Shelf Add-ons

Enhance your Megatek wire rack with our specialised add-ons, tailored for safety, stability, and long-lasting durability. Our selection includes electrostatic discharge (ESD) castor wheels for ESD-sensitive environments, an advanced rack grounding device for superior safety, and additional features like a pole guard system for reinforcement and to prevent falling products, and Stabi-Bar for enhanced rack stability. Optimise your wire shelving to meet the specific needs of your storage environment efficiently.

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