Cleanroom Polyester Wipes and Cleanroom Supplies

Extensive range of cleanroom wipes - Non woven wipes, pre-saturated wipes, sterile wipes, and more

Megatek carries an extensive selection of cleanroom polyester wipes, tailored for stringent controlled environments like Class 10, Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanrooms. Available in various forms (including non-woven, pre-saturated, and sterile options) and customisable sizes, our wipes cater to diverse industry needs.

Cleanroom wipes - Essential for critical cleanliness and hygiene

Cleanroom wipes are indispensable in critical environments where immaculate conditions need to be maintained. Commonly used in semiconductor manufacturing, biotechnology laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities and in healthcare settings, these wipes excel at absorbing spills, preventing contamination, and keeping surfaces particle-free. Crafted in controlled conditions to avoid any impurities, these wipes are not only highly absorbent but also resistant to abrasion and solvents, ensuring your cleanroom remains uncontaminated and compliant.

Cleanroom Wipes

Megatek carries a range of versatile, highly absorbent wipes that can be used in controlled environments like cleanrooms, as well as for general facility upkeep. Our selection includes workshop, non-woven, sterile, and pre-saturated wipes, alongside ESD-safe options. Depending on your needs, wipes are also available in customised sizes or in a stencil roll.

Other cleanroom supplies, apparel and other personnel protection products

Beyond cleanroom wipes, Megatek also carries a range of cleanroom supplies and personnel protection products. This includes cleanroom sticky mats, face masks, gloves, and disposable shoe covers, all designed to enhance your cleanroom protocol. Reach out to explore our full range of cleanroom supplies and products.

Personnel Protection Supplies

Complete your cleanroom with Megatek’s selection of personnel protection cleanroom supplies. These include cleanroom sticky mats, face protection, non-woven hair nets, disposable shoe covers, and hand protection.

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