Stainless Steel Trolley & Push Carts

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Heavy duty industrial push carts and transport trolleys

Explore Megatek’s extensive selection of industrial carts and transport stainless steel trolleys, engineered to support a myriad of applications. Our Wire Shelving Push Carts, Stainless Steel Trolleys and Anti-Vibration Trolleys are equipped with robust, non-marking castor wheels, guaranteeing effortless manoeuvring when transporting goods across various settings.

Designed for heavy-duty use, MegaVac™ vacuum sealing machines combine intuitive operation with rapid cycle times, all within a durable, stainless steel construction.

Customisable mobility solutions

Customise your mobile cart to fit your operational needs. Choose from an array of shelf dimensions, tier options, handles, and castor types to accommodate everything from lightweight items to heavy loads. Our trolleys are designed for seamless mobility and stability, even in the most dynamic industrial environments. For areas requiring stringent cleanliness or static control, Megatek also offers ESD-safe or cleanroom-compatible configurations, ensuring safety and compliance in sensitive workspaces.

Maximise your workflow with Megatek’s versatile industrial trolleys, designed for robust performance and customisable to your unique requirements, ensuring smooth operation in any industrial landscape.

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Industrial Transport Trolley and Mobile Cart - Stainless Steel Trolley - 50x70 cm

Stainless Steel Trolley

ESD-safe stainless steel construction with polished finishing. Ideal for transportation within cleanrooms and static-sensitive areas. Various sizes available.

Industrial Transport Trolley and Mobile Cart - Anti-Vibration Trolley - Side View

Anti-Vibration Trolley

Comes with a passive spring system installed to prevent undesirable vibrations from uneven flooring or obstables. Cleanroom-compatible and ESD-safe.

Wire Shelving Push Cart

Heavy-duty, chrome-plated carbon steel wire shelves. Modular system with options for shelf size, tiers, handles and castors. Cleanroom compatible and ESD-safe.

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