Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Range of industrial floor mats for cleanrooms, ESD environments, heavy-loading areas, and more

Megatek carries a range of industrial floor mats, such as anti-static mats, electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding mats, lightweight electrical insulation mats, heavy loading anti-fatigue mats, mats for wet areas and more. Safeguard your sensitive work environments with our high-quality, anti-static mats and ESD grounding mats. Perfect for areas requiring stringent ESD control, these mats are essential in preventing static buildup, protecting both equipment and personnel in critical ESD-prone areas.

Smart, safety-first and modular floor mat design

Megatek’s industrial floor mats feature a bevelled edge design and textured surface to enhance workplace safety (prevents falls and slipping). Their modular, interlocking mechanism makes it easy to assemble and seamlessly adapts to any space, ensuring comprehensive coverage and safety wherever needed. Standalone, anti-fatigue mats are also available for workstations. Our anti-fatigue mats employ an ergonomic bubble design, which boosts productivity and comfort over periods of prolonged standing.

Dry Area Floor Mats


Our range of industrial floor mats are designed for a variety of dry areas. From modular, anti-static and ESD grounding mats to standalone anti-fatigue mats, heavy loading industrial mats to lightweight insulated mats, Megatek’s industrial floor mats are designed to perform in stringent environments. Optimise your laboratory or production floor with Megatek’s range of industrial floor mats.

Wet Area Floor Mats

Designed with drain holes and raised studs, Megatek’s Wet Area Floor Mats are perfect for commercial kitchens and industrial wet zones prone to spillage. Crafted from durable Nitrile rubber, these mats resist most industrial oils and chemicals, and are easy to maintain with simple water-jet and detergent cleaning. The mats’ innovative design also make them anti-slip and anti-fatigue, enhancing workplace safety and productivity.

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