Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Safe Tweezers

Megatek's ESD-Safe Tweezers (MEST) - A low-cost, high-performance solution for critical applications

MEST is a collection of ESD-safe tweezers crafted from superior engineering plastic, ensuring cost efficiency for critical, electrostatic-sensitive tasks. Ready for immediate use in cleanrooms, these tweezers come in various designs, each tailored for specific applications, providing a versatile toolset for professionals.

ESD-safe, replaceable tip tweezers

Beyond the MEST series, Megatek offers a range of ESD-safe tweezers with replaceable tips that boast temperature, chemical and solvent resistance. This adaptable series is engineered to meet diverse requirements, offering a modular design that reduces waste and enhances cost-effectiveness, perfect for precision tasks in demanding environments.

Ergonomic tweezer design for enhanced control

When it comes to precision work, the right tool makes all the difference. Experience the perfect balance of comfort and control with our ergonomically designed tweezers. Equipped with serrated handles for secure grip and an innovative stopper to prevent over-gripping, these tweezers provide meticulous accuracy for delicate operations, ideal for electronics assembly, watchmaking, laboratory work and more.* subject to machine model availability

Precision Tweezers - ESD-safe Replaceable Ceramic Tip Tweezers - M5Z-SA Tweezer

Replaceable Ceramic Tip Tweezers

Sharp tip constructed from Zirconia (technical ceramic known for its strength, toughness, high temperature stability, wear and corrosion resistance). ESD-safe option available.

Precision Tweezers - Replaceable Polymer Tip Tweezers - N2A-SA - Stainless Steel Handle - Reverse Hold - Tip Compatible

Replaceable Polymer Tip Tweezers

Anti-magnetic stainless steel body with replaceable polymer tip head. Customisable design and material options, including PEEK, co-polymer Nylon and acetal.

Precision Tweezers - Megatek ESD Safe Tweezers - MEST AT-2 - ESD Plastic Co-polymer Nylon Acetal

MEST Tweezer

Proprietary tweezers designed as a low-cost, high-performance tweezer. One-piece, injection-molded tweezer with excellent ESD properties. Customisation available.

Precision Tweezers - ESD-Safe Stainless Steel - 0-SA - Sharp Tip

Stainless Steel Tweezer

Crafted from premium stainless steel, lending anti-static and anti-magnetic properties. Ideal for handling delicate electronics and precision work. Range of designs available.

Precision Tweezers - ESD-Safe Stainless Steel - 0-SA - Sharp Tip

ESD-safe Replaceable Ceramic Tip Tweezer

Megatek’s ESD-safe, ceramic sharp tip tweezers are known for its high temperature stability and solvent resistance.

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