Industrial Seating

ESD cleanroom chairs and stools designed for workplace safety and productivity

Megatek’s industrial chairs and stools are designed with one specific goal in mind – to empower users to perform their tasks with maximum efficiency and comfort.

As an industrial seating specialist with over 30 years of experience, we understand the diverse needs of industries like aerospace, automotive, biomedical, engineering, semiconductor, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Our local design and production capabilities enables us to provide custom seating solutions, that meet industry-specific standards and preferences.

Industrial Chairs (with backrest)

Where ergonomic design meets technical precision. Each chair features an ergonomically-designed backrest, offering firm lumbar support to ensure maximum comfort during extended use. A multitude of customisation options are available as well, including adjustable arm rest supports, footrings, chair heights and more, catering to individual preferences and workspace requirements. To cater to the specific requirements of controlled environments, our range of cleanroom ESD chairs comply with ESDA and BIFMA standards, and are approved for use in Class 10, Class 100 and higher cleanrooms. All in all, our chairs are designed as a versatile solution for any workspace, from the corporate office to critical environments.

Industrial Stools (no backrest)

Our selection of industrial stools boasts diverse stool top options to suit any workspace requirement – from ultra durable, electro-polished high quality stainless steel stool tops, to comfortable, upholstered round stool tops, to ESD-safe molded saddle tops for ergonomic support and high-mobility sit-stand stool tops. Further customise your seating experience with adjustable seat heights, optional foot rings, various base styles, castors, and more. Each of Megatek’s industrial stools are applicable for use in cleanrooms and ESD-protected areas, making them a popular choice in the aerospace, biotechnology, electronics, healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Range of complementary industrial seating components

Megatek also offers a range of industrial seating components, including gas lifts, foot rings, chair bases and castors. Cleanroom-compatible and ESD-safe options are also available to meet your controlled environment requirements. This modular approach is environmentally-friendly, and maximises your investment in our products, by prolonging their lifespan.

Industrial Seating Components

As an industrial seating specialist, Megatek designs and manufactures industrial seating components including gas lifts, foot rings, chair bases, and castors. Our components are made of high quality materials to ensure durability and reliability, while meeting critical cleanroom or ESD environment standards. By employing a modular system, Megatek helps optimise your investment by reducing wastage and extending the life span of our industrial chairs and stools.

For a seating solution that fits your exact needs, try out Megatek’s Chair Configurator and get a personalised quote today!

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