MegaVac™ Vacuum Sealing Machine


MegaVac™ Industrial-grade efficiency and dependable local support

The vacuum sealer is no stranger to the world of commercial and industrial packaging. Vacuum sealing is a crucial packaging method across various industries today. Recognised for creating an airtight seal, it maximises the shelf life of goods and prevents external contamination. This technique is pivotal in industries like food and beverage, medical, and electronics, making vacuum sealers essential for operational efficiency.

Designed for heavy-duty use, MegaVac™ vacuum sealing machines combine intuitive operation with rapid cycle times, all within a durable, stainless steel construction.

Tailored for diverse packaging needs

Whether it’s securing perishable goods, medical supplies, or sensitive electronic components, MegaVac™ provides versatile sealing solutions. The machines are engineered to accommodate various bag sizes and thicknesses, supporting the nuanced needs of both small enterprises and large-scale operations.

Local service support and repair in Singapore

Megatek’s commitment extends beyond sales. We provide exceptional local service support and repair services for MegaVac™ vacuum sealing machines. Understanding the importance of continuous production, we can provide loan units during servicing periods to keep your business running smoothly*. Choose between MegaVac™ Chamber or Nozzle Vacuum Sealing Machines to match your specific packaging requirements.

* subject to machine model availability

MegaVac Nozzle Vacuum Sealing Machine - MVS 4010K-M

Nozzle Vacuum Sealer

Full stainless steel construction. Rapid sealing cycle and highly versatile.

MegaVac Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machine - MVS 300C - MVS 400C

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Full stainless steel casing with transparent acrylic lid. Available in multiple sizes. Popular for commercial kitchens.


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