Nozzle Vacuum Sealer

MVS400U MegaVac™ Nozzle Vacuum Sealer
MegaVac™ MVS400U is a nozzle-style vacuum sealing machine with a single, retractable nozzle. It is ideal for small packages with fast cycle times. This vacuum sealer boasts a full stainless steel construction, making it suitable for electronics, semiconductor and food industries.

MVS4510K-M Nozzle Vacuum Sealer
MegaVac™ MVS4510K-M is a table top, nozzle-style vacuum sealing machine. Its set up gives the user utmost ease of operation and fast cycle times. This vacuum sealer does not require compressed air supply to function. It is suitable for vacuum packing in cleanroom settings, and is popularly used in electronics, healthcare and food industries.

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