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Optimal protection for ESD-Sensitive Products

Safeguard your electrostatic charge-sensitive environments with our comprehensive range of ESD products. Our selection includes high-quality ESD materials, from durable table mats to line your workstation surface, to reliable grounding cords that ensure a secure, static-free workspace. These products are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industries handling ESD-sensitive items, offering unmatched protection against electrostatic discharge.

Why is static control so important in sensitive environments?

Static control is vital to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic discharge, which can cause irreparable damage to sensitive electronic components, ignite flammable mixtures, and lead to data loss. Implementing effective ESD protective measures ensures operational safety, product reliability, and longevity in industries where precision is paramount. At Megatek, we offer a spectrum of ESD seating and storage solutions, as well as anti-static floor mats, cleanroom supplies and workstations.

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ESD Products - ESD Materials - Durable Plastic Plate Acrylic

ESD Plastic

High-clarity acrylic, with ESD compound coating. Solvent resistant. Ideal as protective cover or partition for ESD-sensitive equipment or static-shielded work area.

ESD Products - ESD Materials - Durable Grid Film

ESD Grid Film

Clear PVC film with carbon grid. Excellent conductivity. Ideal for use as soft partition for clean booths and more.

ESD Products - ESD Wrist Wrap - ESD Grounding Anti Static Cord - Disassembled

ESD Wrist Wrap

Single-conductor wrist strap. Inexpensive, yet effective. Ideal for personnel handling or working on ESD-sensitive devices and components.

ESD Products - ESD Grounding Cord - Anti Static Strap for ESD Table Mat

ESD Grounding Cord

Versatile grounding cord. Can be connected to ESD table mats, workstations or common grounding points in ESD Protected Areas.

ESD Products - ESD Table Mat - Anti Static Work Surface Mat.JPG

ESD Table Mat

Dual-layer mat with consistent and reliable conductivity, while offering strong resistance to abrasion and wear. Available in variety of thickness and size.

ESD Stainless Steel Keyboard

A full stainless steel keyboard (with integrated track ball / mouse) designed for operating in harsh and critical environments. 

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