Personnel Protection


Personnel Protection Supplies

To complement Megatek’s cleanroom seating and storage solutions, we also offer a selection of personnel protection cleanroom supplies. These include cleanroom sticky mats, face protection (masks), non-woven hair nets, disposable shoe covers and hand protection.

Cleanroom Products - Personnel Protection - Cleanroom Sticky Mat - Contamination Control

Cleanroom Sticky Mat

Typically placed near exits to and from cleanrooms and controlled environments, for contamination control.

Cleanroom Products - Personnel Protection - Face Mask -Showa Cleanroom 3-Ply - Lab Application

Face Mask

A range of three- and four-ply face masks suitable for general use and cleanroom / controlled environment use.

Cleanroom Products - Personnel Protection - Hand Protection - Disposable Workshop Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Hand Protection

A selection of Nitrile and latex gloves for general and cleanroom use.

Cleanroom Products - Personnel Protection - Showa Non-woven Hair Net Disposable - Blue White

Non-woven Hair Net

Comfortable, breatheable, effective. For contamination control in critical environments. Applicable for food, electronics, healthcare and medical industries.

Cleanroom Products - Personnel Protection - Showa Non-woven Shoe Cover - Disposable - Contamination Control

Disposable Shoe Cover

Convenient and designed to fit most shoe sizes. Utilises a quality elastic band to secure onto footwear.

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