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Dry Area Floor Mats

Ensure workspace safety with Megatek’s high quality industrial floor mats, engineered to shield both personnel and equipment in vital areas, while safeguarding floors from heavy machinery, substantial loads, and everyday wear and tear. Our diverse collection encompasses ergonomic anti-fatigue mats, designed to improve comfort and productivity, alongside lightweight anti-slip mats, and robust, high-loading mats capable of withstanding demanding industrial conditions. In addition, for areas which require stringent static control, our specialised ESD-safe floor mats offer effective anti-static protection, ensuring a safe environment in in production facilities or controlled laboratories. Megatek’s industrial floor mats are not just protective layers; they’re performance-driven solutions tailored to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings, guaranteeing durability, safety, and compliance with your workspace requirements.

Industrial Dry Areas Floor Mat - ESD-safe Modular - Bevelled Edge - CE558

ESD-Safe Modular Floor Mat

Ultimate standing comfort and stress relief. Bevelled edges for safety. Ideal for counter sales staff, packers, etc.

Industrial Dry Area Floor Mat - ESD-safe Standalone Mat - Closeup

ESD-Safe Standalone

Static dissipative material. Ergonomic ‘bubble’ pattern enhances comfort and is anti-fatigue over long standing periods. Bevelled edges for safety.

Industrial Dry Area Floor Mat - Anti-fatigue Foam Mat - Closeup

Anti-Fatique Foam Mat

100% tough rubber compound. Able to handle heavy loads like steel moulds and engine blocks. Resistant to grease and mild chemicals.

Industrial Dry Area Floor Mat - Heavy Duty High Load Mat - Bevelled Edge

Heavy Duty High Loading Floor Mat

Versatile grounding cord. Can be connected to ESD table mats, workstations or common grounding points in ESD Protected Areas.

Industrial Dry Area Floor Mat - Light Duty Laboratory Mat - Anti-slip - Black Yellow

Light Duty Laboratory Mat

Ergonomic pattern enhances standing comfort. Available with pebble surface or ribbed line surface patterns to improve traction (anti-slip).

Industrial Dry Area Floor Mat - Electrical Insulation Floor Mat - Anti-slip

Electrical Insulation Floor Mat

Heavy duty floor mat designed with high voltage insulation. Complies with ANSI/ASTM D-178 specifications. Ideal for workers exposed to potential electric hazards.

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