Teflon Coated SUS Nozzle

Sealing 2 packages per cycle

  • Dual Stainless steel Teflon coated nozzles for fast air extraction and smooth retraction.
  • Dual Heaters for fast cycle time and heat seal of thick foil bags.
  • Multistage Venturi Air pump provides high suction, high vacuum level and minimal maintenance.
  • Solid State Relay for long lifespan heater operation.
  • Solid State Timers for accurate and easy setting of vacuum sealing conditions.
  • Sealed package counter to enable easy tracking for preventive maintenance.
  • Electrical and mechanical safety feature.
  • Options / upgrade:
  • - PLC controlled with Touch screen HMI
  • - High pressure booster pump for low air supply pressure
  • - Overheating prevention during continuous heat sealing
  • - Multi-stage Gas Flush
  • - Vacuum level sensor
  • Ability to customize to various seal length and additional functions
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