EM-SS549-6x10: Wet area Mat 66cm x102cm with 3-sided orange ramp
EM-SS549-9x16: Wet area Mat 97cm x163cm with 3-sided orange ramp
EM-SS549-9x31: Wet area Mat 97cm x315cm with 3-sided orange ramp
EM-SS549-CON: Mat Connector

  • 100% high quality Nitrile rubber compound.
  • Drain holes and raised studs for liquid to flow through.
  • 22 mm thick platform.
  • Modular with connector link for bigger work area.
  • Orange coloured ramp in compliance to OSHA safety.
  • Chemical and Slip resistant.
  • Free of DOP, Silicone and heavy metals, RoHS Compliance.
  • Attachable 5cm side and corner bevels
  • Various stock sizes for customization
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